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LFSU Portable Co2 Fractional Laser

Features& Advantages

  1. Reduced thermal damage to surrounding tissues
  2. Rapid healing and minimal downtime
  3. Adjustable scanning kinds of patterns and different sizes
  4. Adjustable intensity from zero to maximum
  5. Adjustable pulse duration
  6. Automatic alarm Systems for operation and troubles
  7. High return with no consumable cost.


  1. Acne scars
  2. Skin Resurfacing
  3. Surgical Scars
  4. Wrinkle removal
  5. Surgical Applications


Wavelength: 10600nm (RF Excited /Sealed co2 Tube )

Beam Transmission System: 7-Articulation joint Spring-Balanced Light Guiding Arm.

Power 1--30W

Operate Mode : Ultra Pulse and Fractional Scan

Indication Beam : Green Semiconductor Laser(532nm,

Operating Interface: 8.4" TFT color screen

Scanning area : Max20x20mm(HFLS)

Scanning patterns Number: 7 kinds

Scanning patterns Type : Rectangle, Square, Ellipse, Circle, Line, Rhombus and triangle

Scanning speed : 10m/s

Pulse Interval Time: 0~999ms, Step Adjustable per 1 ms

Modulation Frequency : 0~999Hz, Step Adjustable per 1Hz

Cooling Systems : Built-in circulating water cooling

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